This naval seaman's cap forms part of my collection and gets introduced at this point during my display to go with the cover at the bottom of the page above. 



This is a back sheet and does form part of my display, but I tell people it is here to see. This missing stamp is the SS Uganda Hospital ship stamp that appears on the front of the SS UGANDA sheet above



Depicted below are the two A4 sheets which came in the envelope mounted above. I kept these to display with the above sheet. I should also let you know that there was very little philatelic material for the 15th anniversary of the war, so this is a nice item to have


A framed copy of an expanded folder (as on the sheet above) depicting the four miniature stamp sheets contained within. 


The above photograph is different to the one that appears on the above 'Land' stamp although it was taken by the same person during the same landing at the same point at around the same time. I bought the photograph off eBay to add to this display. 


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