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“SEDII” Imprime’ en France – Tous droits re’serv’es

Reference C 51


This is the title used in some European markets for a film far better known as ‘BIG JIM McLAIN’ which was directed by Edward Ludwig and staring John Wayne as the title character. The film was released on 30th August 1952. The film is described as a ‘Film Noir’ political thriller and starred John Wayne and James Arness as investigators hunting down communists in post war Hawaii. This was the first film in which Wayne played a contemporary law officer rather than an old western lawman. The European version titled ‘Marijuana’ dispenses with the communist angle to the tale and replaces it with drug dealers (thus the title). This was achieved entirely through some script changes and dubbing.

Believe it or not there is a cadge of collectors who collect drug related postcards and this would probably be an unusual one to add to such a themed collection. But obviously, with the story behind the film’s title, this is also a good film themed card.         







This superb Walt Disney World postcard depicts an artist’s impression of what the French area of the World Showcase would look like. As its states here the EPCOT theme park opened on the 1st October 1982 and I have to be honest it is my favourite of the four main Disney theme parks in Florida.

Someone has written in pencil the date 03/09/82 (if this was a UK person then this would be 3rd Sept but if it was an American it would mean 9th March – I do not know which one it is) which I assume is the date they bought this card. Which-ever way round the date is it was on sale before the opening of the theme park. Now of course the ‘Center’ part has been removed from the name and the park is just called EPCOT (which as I am sure we all know means EXPERIMENTAL PROTOTYPE COMMUNITY OF TOMORROW).   




As you can see the reverse side has all the details about the opening of the EPCOT CENTER along with its logo. There is some descriptive text top left which gives an introduction of what to expect:-


A new “Eiffel Tower” will soar above boulevard shops filled with fine china, wine and perfumes in the France pavilion”


Interestingly, very little has changed and this just about describes what to expect today (although there is an Ice Cream ‘Glace’ parlour which serves up a fantastic Mango ice cream)      




(Francis Caird Ingils, Photographer to His Majesty at Edinburgh)


This is actually the gun carriage which bore the remains of Queen Victoria from Osborne to Cowes, Isle of Wight on the 1st February 1901. This carriage was also used on the 17th May 1910 to carry the remains of King Edward VII from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, London. This was performed by the Royal Horse Artillery. This photograph depicts the carriage in the Banqueting Hall at Edinburgh Castle.

I originally bought this card for my military collection but after squinting and holding the card at an angle I managed to read the very small and difficult to read black text on the front which gives the details of this carriages Royalty connection. This means that this could fit into a Royalty collection as an unusual addition.  




The School had premises at 377 Strand and 40 Brewer Street

Aquatint by Henry Alken, in Westminster City Libraries Archives Department


All around the country there are small, and large, museums and libraries and exhibits which produce their own exclusive postcards related to items held within their collections. Often these are spectacular postcards for thematic collectors but are cards which seldom get seen. This is a good example and I know there are collectors who have Bicycles and cycling as their theme and what could be a better image to show the early days of this activity than this one here?

This was another 20p postcard bought at the weekend from a dealer at Nottingham. Those cheap boxes really are worth a look through.



Published by P & J WILLMOTT


No 16

A limited edition of 500

(my copy is hand numbered as 147)

Designed and drawn by Jonathan Smith


Enterprise Postcards produced a range of limited edition commemorative postcards often related to an event which was not otherwise commonly depicted on card. These are all in a similar style and this was mostly due to their use of the same artist/designer – Jonathan Smith who had a very particular artistic style.

This particular postcard commemorates the 20th anniversary of Decimalization – 15th February 1971 (postcard obviously issued in 1991). I remember the change-over despite only being eight years old at the time. I have very strong memories of being confused about what was what and which coins were new and which were no longer being used, like the old pennies.




(Canon Inc., Tokyo)

Japanese, modern


The Victoria and Albert Museum have produced exclusive postcards for many, many years and because of the eclectic collection of material on show at the museum (and behind the scenes in their storage) the designs cover all sorts of themes. Some of the design images can be quite a surprise and this image of the interior of a camera is one which is really quite unusual (this one is long out of print at the actual museum so will only be available from dealers or perhaps on eBay etc).

For any collector who specializes in Photography as a theme this would be a very nice card.



Published by


I could not resist this unusual novelty postcard item because it is so surreal. Here you have a Bat which is die cut and which can be pushed out from the card. Under this is a strip which can also be pushed out. The strip feeds through two straight cuts roughly where the bats shoulders are and then the strip can be tucked into itself to make a ring. You can then put this bat ring on your finger … clearly I will not be making my Bat Ring as I wish to keep the card in its mint condition but if I ever see another one as cheap as this (this was another 20p buy from the weekend at Nottingham) I might buy it and give it a go. I love novelty postcards and the stranger the better as far as I am concerned.    




I have shown the reverse side of this postcard because you can almost see the cut out edges of the bat and the ring strip but more importantly you have a little photograph of a ready-made Bat Ring on someone’s hand – now you can see how your Bat puppet ring would look  





(50 Years Young)

D.C. THOMSON & CO., LTD – 1987


I posted a Dennis the Menace postcard recently so this one nicely fits in with that posting. I was previously aware of this postcard because I had seen it depicted in an article some years ago but I had never seen an actual copy. This one here is another card that I found in Nottingham at the weekend and I was really pleased to finally get my hands on a copy for my collection.

The design commemorates the 50th anniversary of both the Beano and the Dandy comics. The Beano celebrated this in 1988 (July) whilst the Dandy is a bit older so celebrated in 1987 (December).

This is not an easy postcard to track down.      



“Phone Tap”

Photomontage by Peter Kennard


I was a big collector of the political postcards published by ‘LEEDS POSTCARDS’ through the 1980’s and 1990’s (and they are still going now I believe). I did really like the series of photomontage pieces by Peter Kennard and up until recently I believed I had them all but there was recently an article about these cards in ‘Picture Postcard Monthly’ and all the cards were pictured and I was informed that I was actually missing one – this one. So when I saw a copy at the fair in Nottingham at the weekend it was a chance to complete my set. These often sell for anything between several pounds to upwards of £5 - £6 each so it was an extra bargain to pick this one up for just 20p (it is always worth looking through dealer’s cheaper boxes – often 15p, 20p or 25p a card s you never know what you might find. I even went through a box which had cards for just 5p each)



Tony Hart

(1925 – 2009)


I grew up watching Tony Hart on television in such programs as ‘Vision On’, ‘Playbox’, ‘Take Hart’ and ‘Hartbeat’. He also created the plasticine character Morph and did the Blue Peter ship logo.

I have only recently discovered that he was an officer in a Gurkha regiment before becoming the well-known television artist that I watched.

This card is a promotional release from the BBC for the series ‘HARTBEAT’ which ran between 1984 and 1993.    




Autographed by Tony Hart  







A couple of weekends ago my daughter visited Amsterdam for the weekend, flying out of Southend Airport. Whilst there she managed to attend the Anne Frank house which she had wanted to do for a very long time. The house is of course now a museum and is located at Prinsengracht 263-265 (a word of advice from my daughter, if you want to visit here book up tickets long in advance. Rebecca booked up her trip only a couple of weeks before she went and she could not book in advance which resulted in a queue time of over an hour and a half – in the rain apparently – so book ahead).

I am sure you do no need me to tell you the story of the diarist Anne Frank but the story is important and we need to ensure that this type of thing does not happen in such a way again. Anne was hidden during the Second world war fleeing from Nazi persecution. Her family were hidden in what was called the Secret Annex but they were betrayed and were taken away to concentration camps. Anne did not return. After the war her diary was published (1947) and through this record many children have been introduced into the story of the holocaust and the indescriminate persecution of the jews by the nazi party. This was how my daughter came upon the story and this fueled her wish to attend the house.


Depicted here are the postcards Rebecca brought back for me.


Far left – Anne Frank at the Jewish Lyceum, December 1941

Left – Anne Frank at the Montessori School, 1940    


Far Left – Margot and Anne Frank, 1941 – A special exhibition in the Anne Frank House and this exclusive postcard spotlight attention on the anniversary of Margot Frank’s 85th birthday, 16 February 2011


Left – Frank family, Merwedeplein, Amsterdam, 1941


Far Left – Anne Frank House, movable bookcase, 1954

Left – Anne Frank House, movable bookcase, 1954

Here you can see the covered entrance to the area where the Frank family were hidden. These two postcards make a nice pair and they tell the story of how the family were hidden and what the doorway was covered with and how normal it looked.





(Made in Germany – Designed by ‘Berlin’)



This is a smashing package which contains a full metal plaque which has a full postcard reverse (a paper postcard card attached to the back of the metal plaque). There is also an envelope to put it in if you do not wish to tempt fate by just posting the metal plaque itself (but that option is there).

As we know I like novelty postcards and this is not the first metal one I have obtained (I have an RMS Titanic one as well, amongst others including Betty Boop and old advertising posters). The front of the plaque depicts an old American Kellogg’s cereal box for ‘Frosted Flakes’ (called Kellogg’s Frosties in the UK of course). These are the type of items that show that postcards can still be fun.    


You can see along the bottom of the image where the scanner light has reflected off of the metal surface of the design which is slightly bowed out in the centre giving a raised effect.



G’day from South Australia’

Postage Pre-Paid Postal Stationary postcard

(for posting in Australia and delivery worldwide)



It never ceases to amaze me how some postcards come about. This is an official pre-paid postage stationary card from South Australia promoting the Murray River and the Captain Cook Cruises. The boat depicted appears to be called the ‘Murray Princess’ and the word ‘Princess’ appears to be the only reason I can see for the addition of the animated Disney character Elsa from the film ‘Frozen’. And good on them, why not? I bet they sell a few more of these cards because Elsa is there. I know how popular Disney related postcards are (after all I am one of the collectors out there hunting them down) but this is a strange one (‘Frozen’…. From one of the hottest countries!!!) but also knowing the massive interest in the film I should perhaps not be too surprised that Elsa was chosen. This is definitely one for you Disney collectors to seek out.



This is the reverse side of the above postcards and as you can see there is a Postage Pre-paid Australia mark top right. This will make this postcard also of interest to postal history collectors and even some stamp collectors who specialize in single countries and who would want this because it fits into their modern Australia postal collection.   



The Colossi of Memnon

(LL – 7  THEBES. Les Colosses de Memnon)


You won’t need me to tell you this is Egypt. I visited here in 2008 and stood at the feet of these giant stone carved seated statues. Jo and I were on a coach trip out from our Nile cruise boat and although I knew about most of the other places we visited I was not previously aware of these two Colossi. This image does not quite do justice to their size but having seen them for real I was always going to end up buying this postcard when I saw it on eBay. It arrived today and although it has been nearly eight years since I visited here you can see that I still strongly remember the experience.

The hand written message on the reverse side reads:-

  “Dear little Winston – Look at these two people! They have sat there for four thousand years! Sometimes the Nile flows all around their feet”

The original function of the statues was to stand guard at the entrance to Amenhotep’s memorial temple (or mortuary temple). Although this temple was massive very little remains of it today except these two twin statues, of Amenhotep III (from around 14th century BC). The statues reach up about 60ft and weigh an estimated 720 tons each.    



8th February 2016


(A new series of the X-Files starts tonight on Channel 5 in the UK)


As a long-time fan of the X-Files there really was no other subject worthy of a posting today than a couple of X-Files postcards. I watched the original series from the very first episode and was hooked and have subsequently collected any related postcards that came out. I depict just two here.



Ref – 105-393




Publicity still from the very early days of the original series (check out Scully’s hair). CLASSICO SAN FRANCISCO have consistently issued American TV related postcards (amongst other subjects – their Star Wars sets are massive and contain both art and photo images). They issued at least two series of X-Files postcards and this design is from the first set.




Ref – X738



(Copyright 1997)



There were quite a few glamour styled photographs of Gillian Anderson (who played the Dana Scully character). This one was published in the UK by a company that issued a number of film stars, television actors and music star’s images on postcard.

This particular copy is a little bit special as it has been signed by the actress, Gillian Anderson, on the front. For a fan like me (I have all the original series on DVD and both of the feature films) this is a cracker. I now need to quickly nip into the living room and set my virgin box up to record tonight’s new episode.    



Studio 7, King’s Meadow Campus, Lenton Lane


Sunday 7th February 2016


This morning I was in Nottingham at the Nottingham Postcard Show. This was their first time at this new venue and for me it was a fascinating place to visit and not just for the huge number of postcards on display for sale.

In this image you can see just one of the aisles of tables covered with boxes and boxes of postcards. If you have never visited a proper fair before these images should hopefully give you the interest in attending one of these.



See below for more images.




Here you can see more tables of postcards but you can also partially see the roof area which is covered in lights. This is because this fair is located in what was a television studio (Studio 7) and this was why I was interested in paying a visit here. This was the studio where they filmed the television ‘soap’ series ‘Crossroads’. As I am fascinated by television history when I found out that the fair was going to be held here I knew I was going to have to pay it a visit.    


This is part of Mike Huddy’s modern postcard stand…    


...and here is some more of Mike's stand (I did deplete some of this by buying loads but even I could not buy all of these….)


Again you can see the lights in the ceiling but also a stand which has its cards in albums on cases, this must take some time to take into and out of the fair and setting up  


This is the sign at the entrance to the hall and which announces that you are entering Studio 7. This has nothing itself to do with postcards but it does show how the hobby can take you to interesting places which connect with your interests.


The massive light array on the ceiling. When I was talking to Brian, the organizer, by the entrance he did say that, knowing my interest in television, that I would probably spend more time staring at the ceiling than looking at the postcards….. that was not quite what happened, but I did have a good old look up there.  

All in all I have had a cracking day and have added a load of postcards to my collection, and I do mean a load as well. Some of these will appear on postings over the next few weeks.


Today's haul...... just a few new postcards!!!!!



‘A Collage vision of San Francisco’


Helga Strobel and Diggory

Distributed by

‘Wild West Postcards – San Francisco’

Card Reference #64


My copy of this postcard was posted from San Francisco (no surprise really considering the montage of buildings are from there) in December 1992 and was posted to England. This is the type of modern art that I like and collages are very common to postcards because they fit the form so well. There is an added bonus in this one for me because I like Film related cards and this design is connected to the Judy Garland film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (Dorothy can be seen front and centre – as played by Judy). This is the kind of modern postcard which I love to find.



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‘Introduct IJsselstein (Ulr) Holland

Material : vinyl, washable, weather-resistant






The Dutch company ‘Introduct IJsselstein’ issued a wide range of multiple-sticker postcards in this sort of format (I have Disney ones, Spot the Dog, and a number of other cartoon character versions). This one here is a little different as these are printed on a shiny-silver-mirror card (which means if you hold this particular card up and look into it your face looks back at you in the background area behind the smiley faces). This card has 19 individual stickers with smiley faces all in a different range of colours. These novelty postcards are interesting but they were more common during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s (this one here is from 1989) so needed to survive a couple of decades without being used as designed and having had their stickers peeled off an applied to a school book or work book or being adorned to some other surface (and who could resist doing this other than a collector like me?).



D.C. THOMSON & CO., LTD., 1989


There was a time when lots of magazines and comics gave away free exclusive postcards attached to the front of the magazine, or comic, often wrapped around the cover and held on by the bottom staple. These were often printed on quite thin, flimsy paper like card (if you could call it card). These cards often become quite hard to obtain after the magazines/comics had long gone past their original release date. This is because buyers of the magazines were probably not postcard collectors and either disposed of the cards when the magazine was thrown or took the cards off and disposed of them in some way (maybe even using them as designed, as a postcard, sent to a friend or family member – who then probably disposed of the card after it had faded on the window ledge having been there for a few months…but I digress). The ones that came with comics had an even worse fate…. children! To be fair they probably were interested in getting something free with their weekly or monthly comic so would have taken the card off and drawn on it and handed around their circle of friends and thus they too would have perished at their hands. So examples like this Dennis the Menace and Gnasher card are not as common as you might have thought – and this is a smashing one (check out the area along the top where the card was attached to the staple and where after it was removed there was left a dip in the top…)     




Photo Veritble


Vive st Eloi”


As you will have noticed by now I am addicted to Television related postcards. This postcard depicted here is one of the more unusual ones I have picked up. It has a slight deckle cut edge and is clearly very ‘pinkish’ in its colour tone but the man depicted (with great hair by the way) is clearly about to work on the television set in front of him. I am old enough to remember these really big sets with the bulging out screens so the image brings back some memories of these (my dad also had hair not to dissimilar to the style worn by this man). With the popularity of television related postcards, which has increased in the past 10years, these now often sell at around the £4 - £6 mark.    



Posted from West Newton, Massachusetts

October 5th, 1908


This armoured cruiser was laid down on 4th July 1902 and launched on 7th October 1907. The ship was commissioned into the US Navy on 1st July 1907 and she was decommissioned on 2nd July 1920, and broken up for scrap after 12th July 1922.

The Nebraska was a ‘Virginia-class battleship’ and at full load weighed 16,094 tons. She was 441ft, 3inches long (134 m) and was the second of five members of the class and was the first ship to carry this name.

The Nebraska was built by the Moran Brothers shipyard in Seattle, Washington and after joining the ‘Great White Fleet’ reached the west coast of the United States in 1908 after which she remained with the fleet during its circumnavigation of the globe. Then between 1909 and 1914 she conducted training and ceremonial duties with the Atlantic fleet. She also spent two periods in Mexico waters during the Mexican Revolution in mid - 1914 and mid – 1916. After being briefly decommissioned in 1916 she was re-commissioned after the US entered the first world war in 1917. Then she was used as a training ship and later as a convoy escort before being used to transport American soldiers back home after the war ended. This is the interesting story behind what at first seems to be a simple postcard battleship image.






Posted from West Newton, Mass on 5th Oct 1908 with an American Flag wavy line slogan (machine?) cancel. This is a lovely cancel applied clearly to the stamp and postcard.

The hand written message reads :-

“I believe I owe you a post card. A year late to be sure but here goes”  





Statue Leopold I


This statue is still here apparently, in Leopoldplaats and the massive ornate building you can see on this postcard image is the National Bank of Belgium. It was not this view of the Statue that caused me to buy this postcard but the marks on the reverse side and the fact that it was posted by a German soldier during the first world war in 1915 (see below).


This particular card was published by J.B. Verhoeven, 21 Canal au sucre, Anvers and bears the reference number 24.



German Forces in Belgium

Cachet of the 4th Company (Kompagnie) K Landsturm Infantry Battalion (Bataillon) in blue.

ANTWERPEN – ANVERS circle date cancel 20th March 1915


A soldier’s postcard sent without stamp applied as this is an ‘On Active Service’ free postal system for those who were fighting in the war. The postcard has received the blue circular battalion cachet which indicates which unit this particular soldier was fighting with.

In German speaking countries it appears the term ‘Landsturm’ is a reference to a military unit composed of troops of inferior quality and was particularly associated with units from Prussia, Germany, Austria-Hungary and apparently also Sweden.  

The bottom word in the cachet is slightly obscured but I believe it is KITZINGEN which was a town in the German state of Bavaria. I wonder of the sender of this postcard came from this town?




Photocolour – Ref B.1531


There is a fascination for ‘Crazy Golf’ which slightly eludes me. I have played it a couple of times and have enjoyed it but despite there being one here in my home town (Southend-on-Sea), which I have never played, I still tend to avoid them. There are some major ones in Florida which I have seen as I have driven past them, one has a massive Pirate ship in it and another one a full sized crashed plane! Their popularity is clear so perhaps I should try one on my next visit. I expect the experience will be a little more ‘Full On’ than the delights of the one depicted here in Blackpool.    




Copyright 1985


This is an official fan club postcard which is a nice novelty card as you can individually peel off each of the seven slogans printed here (including the OFFICIAL STAR WARS LUCASFILM FAN CLUB red boxed one. Copies of this card do crop up but they are slightly harder to found as many fan club members obviously kept their copy. Expect to pay somewhere around £3 for one of these (but have seen one sell for £5).   




Designed by ‘bentoy’

Made in Korea


I saw this set of postcards on eBay and loved the images on the cards that were displayed. I knew these were worth a look and was convinced when I saw the television set one. I was even more convinced when I noticed that, with one exception, each card has a little black and white television set in one corner either on the right or left bottom side (the one odd card for some reason has a car tyre instead – I have no idea why). The cost of this exceptionally attractive set was just £6.35 and in a moment of madness I have pictured every one of the cards here (and placed an extra burden on my scanner in the process but I could not pick ones to put in and which to leave out, so, they are all here)

The cards are not numbered or described and have no informative text on them except any that might appear immediately on the design itself. I have shown the reverse side of one of the cards at the bottom. They are all identical on the back


This top design was an added surprise for me as it depicts what at first just looks like two males and a female out for a stroll. But then if you look in the bottom left corner you can see a man with a movie camera filming from the top of a car. So, a nice addition to my TV collection






This one is the TV set card which caused me to initially consider buying this set. It is a smashing television advert.





Not sure what this one is about but she looks happy and is clearly in control of the motorboat





















G.E LAMPS advert

Stay Brighter Longer!







‘Slumbertime Works Double Time – when you travel New York or Central’

I assume this is a train compartment, what the Americans call a ‘Sleeper’



















The text along the bottom here is very hard to read but this I assume is an advert promoting the benefits of milk!












“There, Mr. Lyons, is your new car – built for the long pull!”


















Possibly the only typewriter advert postcard in my collection







I have no idea what this image was used to promote or advertise but any collector of Fire Brigade related themes would like this for their collection as it’s a cracking image




















I have a friend who is an ex-ford employee and who collectors FORD MOTOR COMPANY as a theme. He specializes in stamps but also is happy to add any unusual postcards to his mounted display as well…

He can’t have this one though…… it’s mine








“Having Wonderful Time in Wonderful Michigan!”

A black and white drawn poster design – one for horse collectors perhaps?

















Again this has no immediate indication of what was advertised here, I also suspect this is only part of the design. It’s a classic early American advert art design though










Make this their most Wonderful Christmas!

That’s quite a fancy pram toy there



















Toothpaste advert – nice 1950s smiles there








This appears to be connected to a ‘Farming’ theme and is again a traditional styled American painted advert image





















In this one you get the full tractor and it’s a photograph

“What a city man can learn from a farmer”







Where, oh Where, is the Little Red Schoolhouse?”

This is one of my favourites and the bus is fantastic. It’s a red school bus so I wonder when they moved over to the traditional yellow ones they use now. I do remember that you can-not drive past a static school bus. I actually had to stop for one on one of my trips to Florida.
















Leyland M.C.W.

I’m no vehicle expert but is this one not British? It does seem to be one of the more unusual additions to this collection but then the theme and collection is very eclectic. Still a smashing image though and there are many bus collectors out there.








The well know promotional route of placing an attractive lady into a car, although I do like the way the car seats have swiveled around and are partially facing the door space. I never knew they built a car where the seats did this. You learn something new every day – looks like a nice car as well

















Car advert? Shopping advert? Or are we looking a seasonal advert, like Christmas? They are certainly wrapped up (is that matching cloths? – is it a cloths advert then?)







‘Service in the air and on the ground’

Is this the inside of an aeroplane? Or a train? I thought only the British ‘Comet aeroplane had square windows? I might be wrong. The text seems to indicate that this is an airline advert.


















“Hi, mummy… flying’s fun!”

No doubt about this one, definitely an airline promotional image (although no idea which one!)

Smashing image









Camera advert

This is another of the ones that I really liked, not sure why I just think it’s a cracking advert picture















‘First Cake of Camay!’

Now, Camay is a soap product isn’t it? So I assume the picture is trying to say that when you get married, you need to wash? Or perhaps you need to wash to be photographed? And that is an old camera there.









This is the individual card in the set that does not have a television set in one of the bottom corners. What you have is a white walled tyre instead.
















A lovely painting and surely this must be a car advertisement although looking at the bag the man is holding I do wonder if he is a doctor (so there may be a medical aspect to this image, or even medical insurance which I know they need to have in the U.S.








On the Table – Or over the Counter!















Early 7UP Drinks advert.

These couples are eating and drinking out in a car, possibly in a drive in restaurant (or Take-Away as we would now call it). I do like the tray holding the 7UP bottles and a hamburger and chips and which is hung over the side of the passenger door.









“Who’s got the winning straw?”

This looks like a counter in an American Diner so I wonder what the winner was going to get?
















“No other pen travels in Smarter company”

‘No other pen writes like a Waterman’s’

This might be another situation, like with the typewriter, where this is the first of its type in my collection – the first ‘Pen’ advert           









Can’t help but think that this is another British advert that has crept into this selection. The LMS is surely the ‘London Midland & Scottish Railway Company’.

Smashing railway themetic
















‘Pleasure Unlimited!’

This is definitely an American advert as that is clearly an American train behind these very happy travelers





All of the above advert postcards have this reverse layout. It is simple but also some thought has gone into the colouring and the top central picture.







Depicted here is the actual box that all of these 32 postcards came in. It has a number of black and white magazine/newspaper adverts on the front with one of the cards depicted in the centre (along the bottom of the picture here it says ‘Designed by bentoy’. The advert depicted on the back of the package does not appear on any of the postcards in the set so is a nice little addition.  

I have seen other single postcards on eBay which are listed as being published by bentoy’ and they all depict old adverts much like the ones included here.


So there you have it, thirty- two postcards, covering a wealth of subjects and every one of them interesting in its own right. I make no apologies for showing you them all. I hope you enjoy looking through them (as much as I did when I opened up the box for the first time)


I Have just checked on eBay and there are two of these still on there and for the price they are a great buy    



Television Series


I saw these four cards advertised as being ‘Postcards’ on eBay an as TV is my main theme I put in a bid and they were mine for just 99p. They are printed on good quality postcard sized board but are plain backed. Their source is not listed, and the seller made no comments on where they came from, but I wonder if they originated from a DVD release and were a freebie with some sort of DVD series package.

The programme itself was a medical comedy and it ran for nine seasons with 182 episodes running originally from 2nd October 2001 to 2008.

The series is set in the fictional Sacred Heart teaching hospital. The title is a reference to the term used for a low ranking person within the organization and indicated that at the start those appearing were medical interns.

What you have here are four very nice cards for a television series that does not have a wide range of related postcards so any ones found are worth adding to a collection.

If you know for certain what the source of these are I would be delighted to hear from you.




ZACH BRAFF – John Michael “J.D.” Dorian

SARAH CHALKE – Elliot Reid

DONALD FAISON – Christopher Turk

NEIL FLYNN – “Janitor”


JOHN C. McGINLEY – Perry Cox

JUDY REYES – Carla Espinosa

ELIZA COUPE – Denise Mahoney

KERRY BISHE – Lucy Bennett


DAVE FRANCO – Cole Aaronson




Black and White Multi-View Postcard


Red Mount Chapel, The Walks        War Memorial, Gardens &

                                                                              Greyfriars Tower   

                                       KING’S LYNN Shield post

Guildhall (Erected 1423)                       St Margret’s Church


This 1950’s – 60’s – 70’s early black and white postcards depicting old scenes are now becoming more and more collectible after a surge of interest in them appeared around the late 1990’s. Collectors who collect their local area, local historians, and those fascinated in how much, or how little their local area has changed have come to realise that there is a wealth of information contained in these post WWII simply produced view cards. In the 1980’s this would have been round 5p – 10p tops, now this one would locally easily reach £2.50 to £3.75. That’s quite an increase in postcard terms. Keep an eye out for these in your local town, village or city.   



Ref PT823


Now called the Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station this large radio-communication site located on Goonhilly Downs near Helston in Cornwall.

This first dish, at one time the largest satellite earth station in the world, was built in 1962 to link up with the Telstar satellite. The parabolic design is 85 feet in diameter and weighs 1,118 tons. After the first Telstar live broadcast was received in France, the world’s first transatlantic television broadcast (you can see my interest now can’t you…television history) the depicted dish, nicknamed ‘Arthur’ received the first video in the middle of the same day – 11th July 1962.

The dish is now a Grade II listed structure and is protected. In its past it also played key roles in the receiving of such televised events as Muhammed Ali boxing fights, Olympic Games and of course the pivotal televised live event, the 1969 Apollo Moon landing.      





Nature’s Underwater Fairyland

Ref 3B-H717



When I first saw this postcard on eBay I knew it was one that I wanted in my collection. Florida is my favourite holiday location and I love early American postcards. This one would also clearly fit into my Military collection because these are obviously soldiers all taking photographs through the portholes on the side of this tourist submarine.

Text on the reverse side reads: -

“Largest flowing springs in the world, over 750 million gallons daily. Electric driven glass bottom boats. Greatest depth 80 feet. Temperature of water 72 degree’s winter and summer. Shown from sunrise, in all weather, every day of the year.”


This would also be a popular postcard with those who collect photography as a theme.






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