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1st Anniversary of Liberation stamp first day cover.

Signed by



Full sheets for the Ascension Island 25th Anniversary of Falklands Liberation set





Signed by Admiral 'Sandy' Woodward



Uberseebrucke mit

Segelschulschiff “LIBERTAD”


(Überseebrücke with sail training ship “LIBERTAD” and MS “UGANDA”)

Published by


Ref: 619








Could not resist this scale model of one of the Operation Black Buck Vulcan Bombers.


This does look good 


This cracking little S.S. Uganda ashtray I found at a local antiques fair which was the last event I attended before the coronavirus lockdown in March (2020, if your reading this much later). It was a bargain as well as I think it was just £10. 




I saw this on eBay and bought it without really knowing what it is exactly. 

I now know the printed text reads:





The cancellation date is the 02. 4. 12, which is the 30th anniversary date of the Argentine invasion of the islands. I do not believe this is coincidental. 





These Aerogramme were issued in December 1982, but this one has a nice 1st Anniversary of Liberation cancel (which is why I recently bought it)




There are lots of these covers, but I only buy them when I see them a bit cheaper than their original high selling prices.  




A recent eBay find and another related cover that I was unaware of. It never ceases to amaze me how much material there is related to the Falklands War. 







I have a signed copy of this cover in my display, but I did not have an unsigned copy so bought this when I saw it on eBy (£5)


Mail item from ship involved in conflict dated six days after surrender. 


This is clearly not from the Falklands War period, but it does show the earlier fascination with the postal history and exploration of this region. I found this in a larger collection of material I had bought and kept it as an unusual addition.


First Day Cover 2022 for 40th Anniversary of conflict. 


40th Anniversary Stamp 


Brochure for Argentine 40th Anniversary stamp issue (see above)


Two of the Argentine 40th Anniversary stamps applied to a piece of mail sent to the UK in 2023. 


Stamp Sheet featuring HMS HERMES and Margaret Thatcher.  


I keep coming across versions of this cover with different signatures. 


Signed by Simon Weston 


I honestly thought I had all the different versions of this cover series when I came across this one on eBay. It is extensively signed and was very expensive, but I suspect it is either unique (signatures obtained by a collector) or it was a very rare signed version by the company, but I was signed up for these at the time and never saw this one being offered by them, and I had bought all the other special signed versions including the Prince Philip one. If there is another one of these out there then expect to pay £300+ for it should it ever come up for sale.  


Another cover in this series which I was unaware of. I snapped this unusual one up when I saw it in 2020. Signed by Sara Jones (widow of Lt.Col 'H' Jones VC)


I have included this cover because the 31p stamp features the Parachute regiment who took part in the Falklands campaign 


10th Anniversary Argentine cover and stamp set


I had a mint copy of this postcard already, but when I saw this cancelled version on eBay I had to have it. I have now replaced the mint one on the display sheet with this card. 


I thought I had all of these, but I was wrong as when this one came up on eBay it has signatures which I did not have on this cover. 


Reverse side of above cover


Cover on its mount - posted on the islands during occupation 




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