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Of the Falklands War


This is a display of mine of material related to the Falklands conflict of 11982. Most of the material is written up, but some items are normally just stored in the back of the sleeves of the mounted material, so if there is no writing then that’s where these have come from.

This is much more of a philatelic display rather than a postcard display, although one or two postcards do appear. This is a different aspect of my collecting, where I take a theme and see how far I can go with it. This display contains some unique items and some reasonably valuable items, but quite a bit of this can still be sourced on eBay and from dealers although this gets harder as the years pass by.



The above envelope still contained a four page letter which I also show people when I give my display. To have the original content is a nice extra.  


This 'Greetings Card' was inside the envelope mounted on the sheet immediately above this one.


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