The postcards depicted here under the UNDERLINED SUB-TABS (see bottom of above listing), are posted under this heading because the content on these cards is likely to, or could cause, offense so…




(and in many cases SHOULD, or are deliberately designed to)



This is because they contain the following material:


(both female and male) – Some postcards are close to being, or are, pornographic in their content – and this includes both older postcards and some modern issues (some of which have been the case of court actions) – so be prepared that if you open-up the above tabs you will be confronted by the naked form.


– the use of words which are known to be offensive – the ‘F’ word appears more often than you might consider.


– in the past people had different views. In our more enlightened world these past views are objectionable, and quite rightly. I in no way condone or agree with these older racist views but I collect postcards from across the history of postcard production, and some of these images used, and/or words used on them, especially some of the words, are now correctly outlawed and considered, correctly, to be racist. LET ME AGAIN CLEARLY STATE THAT THE VIEWS OR OPINIONS CONTAINED ON THESE POSTCARD IMAGES ARE NOT MY PERSONAL OPINIONS.


– some political views, and, also some religious views, can be extreme, sometimes so extreme they can cause offense. Again, there are objectionable views and opinions depicted here which I do not condone in any way.


DRUGS (Illegal and restricted substances)

- This topic did not original appear here but on the 29th April 2020 I placed a drugs related card on this site, so I have returned to this listing and included it. This theme will include anything drug related whether considered comical or not, including anything that could be considered to be promoting drug usage.  

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