June 17th 2007


A4 sized Programme for event


Reverse side of above event programme


Ticket for one of the marchers at the above event. This is type of unusual item that I like to source now. They also show that items can be found from events held years after the war, with this one being 2007. It is also nice to have this ticket with the programme depicted above (and the tickets shown below).


Two viewing entrance tickets for this event, depicted showing front of one ticket and the reverse side of the second.








A new addition to the collection, but an old related cover. 


Programme for the FALKLANDS 25 TATTOO, 23RD June 2007, Cheltenham Racecourse


Service of Remembrance folded song sheet


Ticket for the 'FALKLANDS PLUS 25 TATTOO' event 23rd June 2007




I recently found an eBay lot which was newspaper pages and pieces related to the 25th Anniversary service. It only cost me a couple of pounds, but the items were interesting enough to add to my collection. I depict the newspaper items below (other items which also came with these are depicted above).



The above cover came with the cover depicted below, which was the one I wanted, but this one here has a nice short potted history of the first British landing on the Island, which I assume gives credence to our ownership of the Islands. So, I have kept it. 





A new buy, but an excellent item produced in Paris in June 1982.  




1972 First Inauguration Flight to temporary runway/airport built by the Argentinians on the Falkland Islands - 12 January 1972.  


Reverse side of above envelope


Ships cachet dated two days before the Argentine surrender on the 14th June 1982. 



The Scottish Eagle was used as a base storage tanker at South Georgia from 18th June 1982 until the 14th July when she was moved to the Falkland Islands. 


Reverse side of above envelope - nice additional cachet





The stamp was not cancelled on this one, but the ships cachet has a nice very early usage post war date - the same month that the war ended 





Two recent eBay buys relating to the HMS Endurance. I bought these because they were just 99p + postage, so they were a nice bargain for my collection of postal items related to this ship (one which was very closely connected to the war, initially more connected than any other ship)




This newspaper arrived a few days back. It is too big for the frames I have at the moment so I will need to wait for the shops to re-open after the current coronavirus lockdown ends to pick up a bigger one. This is a nice issue, although the subject matter was tragic but this is what makes this issue that little bit more collectible and more of an impactive item in my display.




This new addition arrived through the post this morning. It is another eBay find and another newspaper for my collection. I have already framed this one and it is stored with the others (I had a couple of spare frames laying around and used one of these). 



When I give my Falklands War display to clubs and societies around the country, I also take some framed larger pieces with me which also go out around the hall as extra pieces to the story and as extra things for people to look art. These are mainly newspapers, but there also large stamp ‘Smilers’ sheets and a couple of pieces of artwork, original and prints. I have decided I may as well show you these here to compliment my postcards and covers, as they do for real when I display. These various items are displayed below.










This is not a print, it is the original painting by Tim who then used this image on a postcard release of his. I had the good fortune to meet Tim several times and discussed postcard releases with him. After a discussion we had about the original artwork he had produced for his postcards I enquired if they were for sale, and after a bit more convincing Tim was kind enough to sell me this painting (and a couple of others which were not Falklands related but which go well with my postcard collection). This Vulcan paintings is one of the prides of my collection. A superb painting and one which fits nicely with this display.






Government House

At the time of writing this (04/04/2020) I have only had this print a couple of days. It was on eBay and the image is one I could use when I am giving my display and talking about the attack on Government House. It will go with my covers bearing the 'Government House' official cachets (displayed early on in my dispaly)



The two pictures above show my framed copies of a childrens comic called BATTLE. The top image shows the issue released 29th January 1983 with the front page cover cover for 'FIGHT FOR THE FALKLANDS'.

The copy below that shows the BATTLE comic released 12th March 1983 with the continuing story of the 'FIGHT FOR THE FALKLANDS' , 'THE LAS BATTLE - AS THE GUARDS GO IN'.

I am a member of a facebbok group which is for people interested in the Falklands war. People share their photographs from the war (lots of ex-soldiers are on this page and post genuine unique images). One member recently showed one of these comics on this page. I had not seen it before and was fascinated. I immediately scrawled through eBay and found a copy for sale, which I bought (the bottom copy above). Through this search I found the other issue (the top one) which was on auction. I placed a bid much bigger than the low start price but was fortunate (lucky) to get this one for the start price! I love these as they are unusual and nice additions to the collection. I have not displayed them yet as they are recent buys, but I look forward to seeing peoples faces when they see these.



.Large piece of original artwork which was to be used for a postcard issue which was subsequently dropped. The design was by Fred Foley who went under the pen name of FAGA. Although no postcard was issued the artist did produce 22 mock-up cards depicting this artwork. These were mostly posted from the Falkland Islands with a 14th June 1983 cancellation. These mock-ups are recorded in the 'COMPLETE WORKS OF FAGA 1961 - 1985' and have the reference UN/28 (they sell for around £20 - £25 each).




14TH JUNE 1982

Mock-Up design cards 9hand made by the artist)



Two copies of the Mock-Up release mentioned above and taken from the original artwork shown above.

The top copy here has been hand coloured by the artist before being posted out.

The copy below is in the more normal format known for these mock-ups.

Only 22 copies of this mock-up were produced and copies are scarce.  


As you can see from te above images I have managed to obtain seven copies of the 22 made. They are all individually addressed and five have been posted from the Falkland Islands. The two hand coloured copies (hand coloured by the artist himself) are harder to source than the Falklands posted variety.



Only 25 numbered copies of this scarce smilers sheet were produced (mine is Number 8). The White Ensign - 25th Anniversary of the Falklands War 1982




SMILERS stamp sheet


This is a very expensive smilers stamp sheet. I checked eBay today (04/04/2020) and found copies on sale for the following prices:

1) £195

2) £350

3) £400

So, if you find one of these under £100 its a nice buy. 



SMILERS stamp sheet. One of the labels does relate to the Falklands War and the war is mentioned in the date list as well. 


A large frame with a full sheet of the 60p Lt Colonel H. Jones VC stamps issued by the Falkland Islands in 2006 for the 150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross. There is also a first day cover for the Isle Of Man Parachute regiment stamps issued 1992 and a photograph information insert card depicting the Falklands Liberation monument in Stanley.



DAILY EXPRESS newspaper - Saturday 3rd April 1982 (the day after the Argentine invasion of the islands - this was one of the pushes towards the UK defending the islanders rights). 



DAILY EXPRESS - Monday 5th April 1982 - Although not covered here, this was of course the date that the TASK FORCE set sail, but this would appear in the next days issues. This issue covers the islanders being 'Under the thumb of aliens'



THE SUN - Saturday 22nd May 1982 - This was one of the best remembered and eye-grabbing headlines from the war period. On the 21st May the 2 Commando Brigade excuted landings at San Carlos Water. The SUN was trying to indicate here that things had really begun, we had feet on the ground.



THE GUARDIAN - Saturday 22nd May 1982 - This is the largest nespaper item I have so far picked up for display. 



THE SUN newspaper Wednesday 16th June 1982 - I bought this in a street antiques market in Canterbury over twenty years ago for £1 - when I put my display together in 2018 I dug this out and framed it. It was my first newspaper item.



Victory headline issue of the DAILY EXPRESS - 15TH June 1982 



June 1982 special publication issue of THE NEWS from Portsmouth. This is a very collectible newspaper styled issue. 



Newsper styled programme for a Falklands War Service held in Portsmouth on 29th July 1982



Newspaper insert section which had the story of an Argentine soldier who had returned to the Islands in 1999


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